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INTERAC ORDER OPTION (Canadian Residents Only)

Click here: https://mybtc.ca (scroll down on the mybtc.ca site) They offer the popular Interac e-Transfer for people in Canada to buy bitcoin. Use the instructions below to order your bitcoin on there. After you order your bitcoin, send your payment to us at the bitcoin address shown in blue (QR code is shown down below on this page): 1DjE2PAWphiinY7b8zWANAii1ZYWqdGaoZ

STEP 1:  After currency conversion you'll pay the following amount in Canadian:

Basic Membership $997 USD = $1300 CAD

Advanced Membership $1997 USD = $2600 CAD

VIP Membership $2497 USD = $3200 CAD

STEP 2: Then go to: https://mybtc.ca (scroll down on the mybtc.ca site) to where you see "Buy".

STEP 3: Buy bitcoin for either: $1300 CAD or the exact amount after you've done your conversion in "step 1"; and depending on the level of membership (ie: Basic Membership $997 USD = $1300 CAD) . (Membership is billed in one lump sum payment)

STEP 4: Send the bitcoin to this address below in blue:

Send payment using your bitcoin wallet

Example: Send $1300 CAD in BTC to: (copy and paste the blue code below into the cash app, or scan the QR Code to the left)


After sending payment in bitcoin to the above address click "Confirm Payment" below.

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Basic Membership: (1 Year)
now just  $997 USD
Advanced Membership: (3 Year)
now just  $1997 USD
VIP Membership: (5 Year)
now just  $2497 USD

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