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Credit Card: If you want to make a purchase using: Credit Card to complete your order follow the steps below. We use a third party processor to handle our credit card orders.

Click onthe buy now button. A new window will open to: www.crypto.com

Follow the instructions below to pay with for your Membership using your credit card or bank transfer.

Step 1:

Click Buy Now. That brings up the "Crypto.com" site providing more info about their App.

Instruction Video: This is how to use Crypto.com to complete payment
click here
 (starts at 4:03)

Step 2: On your Smartphone go to the App Store. Search for: Crypto.com. Then download the "Crypto.com App". Now open the app.
Step 3: Using the Crypto.com App, now click on the "Buy" button. And choose: Bitcoin (BTC). Then enter the Amount of $997 USD. Purchase it using your credit card or debit card.
Step 4: After you've purchased your bitcoin with your credit card. It will appear in your app balance. Once it shows up, then click "Transfer" and then click "Withdraw BTC"
Step 5:

Next it will say "Enter your bitcoin wallet address" enter this wallet address (copy and paste it):


For Amount Enter: $997 USD. Then click "Continue". Confirm payment and click "Send". (this transfers your payment to us).

Step 6: After you've completed your credit card order, and transfer, then click here to send us confirmation of your payment. That will complete your order.


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Your service makes my network marketing easy to do. It also has helped me to earn a whole lot more income. My downline is now over 1200 members strong, and it just keeps growing. I love it!
Marlene Mcpherson, Dallas Texas

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